message from Kurver

MAY 1, 2020 Opening
Okay Everyone, I know you all have a lot of questions... I’ll try to answer some of them here.
1. We will be taking orders in the front of the store. We will have staff members outside to greet you at your car. The flow of traffic will be heading towards Mobile. You will need to enter from the resturant end of the lot.
You will be in one of our ORDER LANES.
2. The entrance to our parking lot closest to the Mobile side will be EXIT ONLY for our customers.
3. Once you place your order, you will pay by cash or credit. Your will then be asked to move to a PICK UP LANE.
4. Once in the PICK UP LANE you will wait for your order to be brought out by one of our employees. We will deliver directly to your vehicle. Please do not exit your vehicle.
5. We ask when you receive your order to please exit the lot to allow for more cars to enter the PICK UP LANES.
6. Please exercise patience with us. Clearly this is a new undertaking for myself and my staff. We will do our best to tweak and adjust this procedure as needed.
7. Just to reiterate, please consider my staff when you arrive. Please have your face mask on when you are in the vicinity of any employee. We will have ours on to show our consideration for you.
8. Our menu will be posted here on Facebook, Instagram and of course on our website at You can also download menu at
Please help us to keep the line moving by familiarizing yourself with our menu before it is your turn to order.
The parking lot will be marked daily to show the flow of traffic.
The flavor list will be available at the top of the ORDER LANES, as well as our usual post on FB and Instagram.
Lastly, we will be unable to hand out cones. The object here is to limit direct contact. Everything must be flipped into a dish and packed in a bag in a TO GO container.
We are very excited to start our “new normal” here at Kurver.
Even though you won’t be able to see them, I can assure you we will be smiling under our masks 😷
Hope to see you all very soon.

CLICK HERE FOR 2020 Menu.pdf