Ice Cream Cakes

Custom Ice Cream Cakes

Peanut butter deluxe, Carmel & Fudge, Stawberries and Kreme, Chocolate Lovers Fudge Krunch, Raspberries n' Kreme
Homemade Ice Cream Cakes

Our Cakes are made with Kurver Soft Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream with a Chocolate Krunch Filling
Small Round
Serves 6-8
Medium Round
Serves 10-14
Large Round
Serves 16-20
Sheet Cake
All sizes of cakes are immediately available. Personalized while you wait
Frozen Yogurt or Custom falors available special order. Fudge and Peanut Butter filled cakes are  available extra charge. Please allow 3 days for special orders

To Order CALL 518-459-4120